An amazing visit to Japan: Tokyo

I recently went on an around-the-world trip, departing from Dubai towards West and returning back home from the East. One of my favorite stops on this trip was Japan. It’s a fantastic place to visit! The culture, food and the courteous people is just too good to miss! On top of that, it’s a great place for photographers as well. The amazing shrines and temples, gardens and skyscrapers.

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Around the world trip


Just completed a travel around the world. Went towards West and returned back home from the East. Total trip spanned over 6 flights and 6 airlines!

  • Departed from Dubai, UAE, from Emirates Airlines to Chicago, USA.
  • From Chicago, USA, went to Kansas, USA, via United Airlines.
  • From Kansas, USA, went to Orlando, USA, via Southwest Airlines.
  • From Orlando, USA, went to Los Angeles, USA, via Delta Airlines.
  • From Los Angeles, USA, went to Tokyo, Japan, via Singapore Airlines.
  • From Tokyo, Japan, went to Abu Dhabi, UAE, via Etihad Airlines.

What a fantastic trip! Now busy processing photos, will publish them soon.

An excellent example for lens compression

Lens compression is a term referring to the imagery that makes the background object look larger than the foreground objects. This is achieved by using zoom lenses on your camera. The more the focal length, the more compression in the photo. The word “compression” basically means compressing the entire scene in your image, making the foreground and background objects “closer and come together”.

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Evening at Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai

The Jumeirah Hotel (Madinat Jumeirah) has one of the most unique and extremely iconic location. It’s building is a like shaped like a sea wave and it faces the famous Burj Al Arab that is shaped like a sailboat.

Had a nice evening here yesterday. It has rained a lot in Dubai this year so weather is very pleasant even in the mid of April. Usually summer starts from the beginning of March and it’s already very hot by April. And it was also the new moon so a small moon crescent appears just after dusk.

Took some long exposure shots of the Burj Al Arab using the Big Lee Stopper ND filters (10x filter).

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Get Longer Duration Schengen Visa

I’ve been asked countless times by travelers that whether it is possible to obtain a longer duration visa for visiting Schengen countries. Well its quite possible and simple as well!

I’m writing this article based on travelers who require Schengen visa to enter Schengen countries, and are applying from United Arab Emirates; although what I’m explaining here is the same as you may apply from other countries.

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Hello Everyone!

Hello there!

First blog post is always the Hello post, so I’d like to introduce myself… My name is Faraz Azhar, and I’m a photographer. Welcome to my website!

I’m mostly a travel photographer, but I also do events and wedding shoots, so don’t hesitate to contact me for my services.

Don’t forget to check out my portfolio.

I’ll also be sharing my photography tips and tricks, digital downloads, books and ideas. And I also do photography workshops, sometimes scheduled and sometimes on demand.

Have fun browsing through my website!