An amazing visit to Japan: Tokyo

I recently went on an around-the-world trip, departing from Dubai towards West and returning back home from the East. One of my favorite stops on this trip was Japan. It’s a fantastic place to visit! The culture, food and the courteous people is just too good to miss! On top of that, it’s a great place for photographers as well. The amazing shrines and temples, gardens and skyscrapers.

The corporate city of Tokyo

Tokyo is a massively modern city, with fast and absolutely on-time bullet trains, neon lights, automated toilet seats, delicious food, modern skyscrapers, etc. The Japanese corporate culture is utterly amazing and very different from rest of the places that I’ve been. The city is dense, highly populated, small homes, and extremely polite and courteous people. A city so populated would usually make people irritated and ill-mannered, but Japan really tops the entire world in having the most polite, friendly and helpful behavior. Should win a prize for that, if theres any…

Good Morning Tokyo


My trip started off with visiting the Tokyo’s most famous shrine … the Senso-ji in Asakusa. Senso-ji is the oldest and one of the most significant Buddhist shrine in Tokyo, founded in the year 628. It is also the place for the largest and most popular spring festival of Tokyo. The temple is surrounded by the busy traditional Japanese marketplace, a famous tourist shopping place.

Then we went to Shinjuku Gyoen Park, and another famous temple of Meiji Jingu. These parks have holy significance. We saw couple of newly wedded couples coming here for blessings. Nonetheless the place is so peaceful and relaxing, it should be on your must-to-visit list.

Tokyo is just amazing to roam around on. Every prefecture (neighborhood) in Tokyo is unique and has centuries of history behind it. Tokyo has maintained an amazing mix of modern city life and ancient and religious architecture and values.


Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo


Here are some random photos from our trip to Tokyo..


Stay tuned for photos from my trip to Kyoto…


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